Packaging at BATHLA MINERALS PRIVATE LIMITED has always been of keen importance as we firmly believe our business is all about the standard, aesthetics and quality of our product. All of our products are packed in wooden sealed crates with plastic coverings and the woods used in the crates are treated with chemicals so as to safeguard that no termite or any other kind of damage occurs to the wood in the shipment.

All Crates are tied and sealed precisely so as to assure that it gives extra strength to the crates and are shrink wrapped so as to protect the material from outside dust and moisture. All crates are accurately labelled before being filled in the container. Thermocol sheets are fixed on all sides of crates to give additional insurance to sawn and shot blasted pavings. We also have factory packing facilities at our yard which establishes that crated product is packed accurately in the container to keep crates intact and safe during shipment.